A Parent’s Guide: Help Your Child Do Better in Kindergarten

children learning in kg

Date: July 1, 2021

As parents, sending your children to school for the first time is a special moment. In kindergarten, there are plenty of skills they can learn. However, children learn at various paces, and as parents, it is your responsibility to help them learn. The time spent learning together can foster bonding between parents and children.

  • Creativity

The common tasks in kindergarten include a lot of coloring, drawing, and painting. You can help your children learn the basic colors while they work. It’s up to you if you want to teach them to color within the lines or for them to explore their creativity. Exposing children to music at this age can help them develop another type of creative expression. Allowing your child to listen to music while working should boost their creativity through the roof.

  • Socialization

Letting kids play with other children is a task that may be difficult at first. You can organize playgroups to help them socialize with other kids. You can plan fun outdoor activities that teach them the value of sharing, taking turns, listening, solving problems, and respecting others.

  • Vocabulary

Children pick up anything they hear from adults, and that includes language. As a parent, you should be responsible for the things you say around kids. Make sure to use the language they can understand and build from there. 

Begin by introducing a few words every day followed by their meaning. A broader vocabulary in children promotes good conversation and deeper thinking skills. Introducing them to books also helps them appreciate words more—in addition to helping them appreciate reading.

  • Fine Motor Skills

Children develop most things during childhood. The simplest tasks we do every morning should help them improve their motor skills. Begin by teaching them practice letters, both uppercase and lowercase. Follow it up with a few puzzles to assemble, and later on, the use of scissors. As they progress through kindergarten, it would be nice to teach them how to tie their shoes.

  • Behavior

If you want to teach children the value of rules, start them young. They would have to understand at an early age that there are rules and they need to follow them no matter what happens. Begin by establishing household rules, and tell them to follow them. Let them know that the rules at home are different from the rules in school, but they have to follow both. Teaching them to abide by rules teaches them good manners and respect.


Kindergarten is a memorable time for children as much as it is for parents. Helping our kids learn the basics helps them understand it better, helping them appreciate school. However, during the learning process, keep in mind that they are still children. There will be instances when they are bored and need breaks. It is also an opportunity to feed them healthy snacks and stretch. Learning should be fun, not boring. Let them have fun once in a while.

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