3 Things to Consider Before You Leave Your Child in Daycare


Date: July 8, 2021

Now, your baby is ready to go to school, and one of your options is a daycare. This is especially true if you are going back to work. At a time like this, it can be difficult for you to leave your child at a daycare, but for most parents, it’s the best option. 

You might think that keeping your child at home too long is a good idea, but the truth is, this can be bad for them. A child who is always at home for far too long may have a harder time if you need to go somewhere or if you need to leave them somewhere. 

Before you make a final decision, there are some things to consider, such as:

The Needs of Your Child

Does your child have special needs? If your little one does, you need to consider those needs during the decision-making for where and when to leave them. 

You should also think about feeding especially if you’re still breastfeeding. With that, you need to prepare your breast milk in advance and take time to pump some milk before you leave your child to a daycare facility. 

Some of the other things to consider are your child’s habits and routines. If your child is used to being put to sleep in a certain way, you need to prepare yourself for the adjustment period, which can be exhausting, frustrating, and even painful. 

The Age

Age is a huge consideration when thinking about where you can send your child. Therefore, you need to factor in your child’s development. Keep in mind, what works for other children won’t work for yours simply because every child is unique and their developmental stages are different. 

As early as six months, daycare facilities can take your child into their care for a few hours. Indeed, it’s too early for some, but it’s a good decision if you want to prevent your child from being overly clingy. That way, your child can adjust quickly to the new surroundings, which will also work for you. 

The Adjustment

Putting your child to daycare will necessitate an adjustment period. You should also know that most children will take a while to adjust, but of course, this varies depending on the days and hours your child will spend there. Usually, it takes six weeks or even more for a child to get fully comfortable. 

Choosing a Carer

When you are determined to leave your child to a carer, it’s essential to take your time. You need to make sure that the carer will suit the needs of your child. Of course, you want someone who understands your child’s specific needs and someone you can afford. The cost of carers varies—some centers will charge per hour, while others will charge per day. 


When you have considered all of these things, and you have come to a decision that a daycare center is right for you, then it’s time to look for the best one for your child. Don’t just settle for the first daycare you encounter; take your time to weigh your options. But if you don’t want to sift through a long list of centers, then consider My Bright Scholar.

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