How to Make Your Pre-School Kids Enjoy Math as a Subject

math subject

Date: July 22, 2021

Math is one of the most hated subjects, by children and adults alike. But it only becomes that way if the subject is introduced to them badly. A parent or guardian who presents Math to kids as a pleasant subject might change the narrative. Adults will always have a significant influence over kids. That is why it is essential to be mindful of your approach to the subject.

If you want your kids to develop an appreciation for Math, you can start with these tips and tricks. 

Tip 1: Highlight the Usefulness of Math in Their Everyday Life

Kids start to hate Math when they see it as a complicated subject instead of a useful skill both in daily life and in many prospective careers. The topics can be overwhelming, especially for young people, but a slight tweak in the approach would make a big difference. When bringing up a new Math topic to your kid, consider making it fun. 

Use toys and videos to make them appreciate how they can use the concept in their lives. Letting them help in groceries or cooking can expose them to the daily value of Math. Another great thing about learning in this era is how many free resources there are on the internet. Find what material your kids enjoy and use them to capture their interest.

Tip 2: Be a Good Example

As previously mentioned, the adults surrounding the kids always have the best influence over them. As a parent or guardian, make sure you set a good example regarding math. Avoid talking about the subject negatively around them. Remember that your child is always looking up to you. If you can, consider talking enthusiastically about the subject until they develop their love for it. 

Tip 3: Keep Trying

Even after you tried tips one and two, your child might still develop a little hate about the subject. When this happens, the best thing you can do is to keep trying. Make your kid feel at ease about the topics they despise by letting them get used to it. 

It is through practice and daily application that they can understand and improve their skills. The more your kid gets used to the subject, the less they would feel anxious about it.

Tip 4: Be Patient With Your Child

Not all children are the same. Some are quick learners, while others need more time to absorb information. If you think your child needs more time to get used to the new Math concept, give them that. Never resort to harsh comments as this will only associate Math with negative experiences. Learn how to recognize their baby steps and cheer on them along the way. Provide them with the encouragement and support they need.


Math anxiety starts when the kids do not understand what they are studying and why they need to. Or if they feel their progress is too slow. As an adult, your role is to help your child feel better about the topic. Consider keeping these tips in mind. Developing this appreciation for math early on can allow them to develop their skills in the subject more easily. 

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