Ways You Can Determine Your Child’s Readiness for Preschool

When is a child actually ready to start attending pre-school? As a parent, you may find yourself wondering how you can figure this out. After all, you don’t want them to go too early when they’re underprepared, but having them lagging behind isn’t an option either. This becomes a much simpler issue when you have an idea of certain indicators that will serve as sure signs.

What are the best ways you can determine your child’s readiness for preschool?

He or she can go to the potty with no problem

Potty training is a major step for any child, and if yours is fully potty trained, that’s a great attribute. Aside from the obvious convenience that allows him or her to have a great time, they’ll be much happier. Any possible embarrassment that stems from incidents in their pants can also be avoided. It’s key to keep in mind, however, that accidents will likely happen. Those will be far less stressful when your child is potty trained, meaning going in their pants is no longer a daily occurrence.

He or she has good health and stamina

Kids aren’t really used to the long days that being in school usually entails. Make sure yours can handle staying alert and interactive with others as the day goes on. At the very least, they need to be able to make it until a certain pre-established time for a nap. Children who are tired or simply out of it will turn cranky.

He or she has great concentration

Concentration on certain tasks is a crucial trait for your child when he or she starts going to preschool. Tasks usually take anywhere from 15-20 minutes. Issues can be avoided on that end if you’re sure that they’re less prone to distraction and able to stay on task.

He or she is fine with spending time by themselves

Separation anxiety is a common problem in younger children. This is typically because going to school means spending a lot of time away from their dad or mom for the first time. If the child can spend time away from you, however, and even shows a willingness to do so, then adjustment will be easy. A good way to figure this out is by having them stay with a family member or babysitter for a day. That’s a great way to see whether they’ll get upset by being apart from you for a time.

He or she socializes well with other children

Of course, preschool means having classmates and interacting with other children. That said, make sure your child isn’t prone to starting fights or sudden bursts of temper. This can be established through having him or her socialize as much as you can. Make sure they can listen to others, know how to take turns, and have no issues when it comes to sharing.


It’s natural to want nothing less than the best preschool for your child. However, before you start looking into schools, you should look at your child first. Make sure he or she is ready. If they are fully potty trained, able to socialize well with other children, and able to concentrate, your child is well-prepared to take that step!

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