What You Should Look For in a Preschool For Your Child

child reading

As a parent, you will always want the best education for your child. It’s not just about finding the right college, as it all starts with a good foundation––a nursery program or a preschool. Even before they start kindergarten, kids need early childhood learning programs to prepare them for a big school.

Choosing the best nursery or preschool program is not that easy, but it’s also not that difficult. To help you with your search, here are some of the qualities you should look for in a preschool you are considering for your little one:

A Stellar Reputation

One of the best ways to know whether a preschool is worth considering is by talking to families and friends with preschool-aged kids. Most parents will be happy to let you know whether or not they are satisfied with their kids’ preschool or nursery program.

You can also ask about how the kids like it, what they like best about the program, and whether or not the teachers are nurturing and kind. Likewise, you might also want to find out how the teachers communicate with parents, whether they’re focused on academics or play, and if there are any extracurricular activities for the children.

Perhaps more important during these times, you need to know how the school is handling the COVID-19 pandemic, what approach they use, and whether they think the changes implemented are still effective for the learners.

Passionate and Caring Teachers

Of course, you want to enroll your child in a school staffed with qualified and highly-trained teachers. But what many parents overlook is checking on the character of the teacher. More important than where the teacher went to college is how passionate they are about teaching.

For this reason, they need to possess qualities like enthusiasm, flexibility, a warm personality, creativity, a good sense of humor, and excellent communication skills.

Child-Friendly Facilities

Keep in mind that the type of environment also plays a big role in a child’s education. Choose a school with facilities that are conducive to learning. They should be safe and with engaging features because your child’s safety is your top priority. While most classrooms are modern and equipped with gadgets and screens, you still want to be sure that these are used responsibly. It’s even better if kids can learn in an environment that encourages play.

The Approach That You Want

There are several pedagogies that you can choose from, from inquiry learning, play-based, project approach, and blended, among others. It’s a good idea to first do your homework and learn about these different approaches and choose which one you want and then look for a preschool that offers that. Likewise, you can make comparisons between schools that offer different approaches and allow them to explain how they do it. This will ultimately give you a better understanding of how your child will learn if you choose to enroll them.


Your child’s love for learning will develop during their preschool age, so it’s important that you choose the best school for them. It’s foundational learning, so you want to make sure you offer them the highest quality program for their growth.

A good nursery program or preschool allows kids to learn how to write, read, and do basic math. Yet, more importantly, they encourage a love for arts and crafts, exploration, hands-on learning, and socialization, among others.

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